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How to play | What is Unfurl?


How to play

Playing Unfurl first requires you to be at peace. No fruitful strategic planning can take place without a balanced mind. Before playing, take time to rest, wash, and open your pores. Bring yourself to a zenful state of being in which you can observe all that which happens around you clearly and serenely. We recommend placing the board on the floor and taking your place cross-legged before it. Remember to maintain strong posture during play.

In Unfurl, you unroll scrolls across a board of squares in order to meet a goal. You have access to three scrolls:

An Up scroll...

Up scroll

A Down scroll...

Down scroll

And a Blank scroll:

Blank scroll

The Up and Down scrolls are banners of war on which important battle cries are written - on Up scrolls, they are written in ascending direction and on Down scrolls in descending direction. The Blank scroll can be used to cover parts of other scrolls, which when covered no longer count towards any totals. This scroll was originally designed to achieve a more perfect solution by removing unneeded symbols, in true minimalist Shatzene fashion.

To place a scroll, first pick it up from the scroll archive by clicking it:

Example pick up scroll

The number next to each scroll indicates the number of scrolls available for use.

Then drag across the board to place it. You can unroll it as far as you want - in fact, deciding how far to unroll a scroll is critical in making the best of your strategy!

You may place scrolls in any order to meet your goals. For instance, a goal may be "place scrolls such that appear in sequence". To achieve this goal, you might place scrolls like so:

Example placement

When unfurling scrolls on the board, remember that scrolls can be placed on top of each other. Much of the strategy of Unfurl comes from determining in which order scrolls much be placed over one another.

Example covering

Note how when you successfully meet a goal, the symbols that completed the goal will light up.

If you meet each goal, you'll unlock the next level. Levels get progressively harder as you advance, much like the battlefields of old.

Some levels will begin with inlaid symbols already present on the board. Like soldiers waiting for you on the field, these symbols cannot be ignored:

Example inlay

Use these inlaid symbols to your advantage!

Occasionally you may also encounter a potato. May God help you when you face it.

NEW! "Unfurl", the classic Shatzene game of strategy, arrives in the West

This ancient strategic board game has been played for thousands of years by young and old in mainland Shatzan. Colloquially known as "the open palm", or "baring one's thoughts while covering one's intentions", Unfurl's origins are unclear. The most popular theory is that it was originally played during wartime using scraps of cloth, and used to prepare for battle by soldiers. Later, as its popularity grew, Unfurl became the game of generals. Often, military leaders would meet to discuss strategy and use this game to work through the planning together, as it was known to open your mind to new insights and potentially favourable ideas.

We knew harnessing a game with such a rich history wouldn't be easy, so we brought on the best: Team Eagle, a group of battle-hardened spry foxes and towel-carrying space travellers from around the globe. They worked hard to translate original Shatzene diagrams and instructions into a playable game during a provocative session of "Ludum Dare", the annual battle to the death for inventive minds.